• Are you concerned about the stress and strain your employees are under, and see the negative impact it's having on their wellbeing, performance and engagement?

  • Have you ever felt that there's more you could or should be doing for your employees when it’s clear they’re not themselves and they appear to be struggling?

  • Do you lack the confidence to have conversations with people about their mental health and wellness?

  • Are you confused about your role as a manager, and where your boundaries should lie when it comes to discussing your employees’ health and wellbeing?

  • Do you defer or delay what you perceive to be difficult or challenging conversations with employees, and instead refer them to the HR department (or worse, ignore the problem)?

  • Are you struggling with your own feelings of strain and burnout, and wonder how you can support others when you feel so challenged yourself?

Imagine being the manager everyone wants to work for...

...the one people remain for even when they have other opportunities; the one who’s team performs well even when under stress and strain...

The secret to becoming that kind of manager is learning the strategies and best-practices needed to support employees who are struggling with personal challenges, and create a workplace environment that promotes mental well-being.

If you can help people when they're struggling and feeling their worst, then they’ll stay and be fully engaged and productive when they’re back at their best.

Unlike other Mental Health training programs that teach general mental health information, The Supportive Workplace course has been designed specifically for front line managers and supervisors like you who are dealing every day with employees and the struggles and challenges they face.

Here’s how The Supportive Workplace is different from other courses:

  • You’re not a counsellor - and don’t need to be: We give you just the right amount of mental health and mental illness information to enable you to identify issues when you see them (awareness)

  • We specifically address what your role as a manager is (and isn’t) in supporting and addressing employee mental health challenges (boundaries and guidelines)

  • We provide scripts and demonstrations on how to have confident conversations so you’ll know exactly what to say, and not to say (communications)

  • We help you become a more effective people leader, giving you the skills and strategies you’ll need to create a healthy and supportive work environment (leadership)

  • We provide you with a Supportive Workplace Certificate to add to your portfolio and résumé demonstrating you’re a skilled leader for today’s workplace (professional development)

  • Plus you can be confident that you’re learning ‘real-world’ skills for managers from course content, frameworks and strategies that have already been implemented and proven to work in workplaces across the country.

Imagine an employee comes to you tomorrow - emotional, distraught, and needing help -

would you know what to say, how to help, where to refer them, and how to follow up, all while maintaining proper boundaries?

Or maybe you’ve already been faced with a difficult conversation with an employee and you’re not sure you provided the help you intended, or they needed…

Managers like you are the cornerstone of any organizations’ mental health efforts. You are on the front lines, leading and interacting with your organization’s most important asset - it’s people. And as every workplace continues to grapple with the effects of the pandemic, COVID restrictions, stress & burnout, and remote, hybrid or at-work work scenarios, the strain on employees will continue to compound and affect their mental health.

Burnout, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and mental illness are all on the rise.

The only option is to be prepared and take action now to support the mental health needs of your employees. And it’s not as hard as you think. With the right foundational knowledge, communication skills, models to follow, and strategies to implement - you will become a positive force in lives of your employees, and a recognized people-first leader within your workplace.

The Supportive Workplace course will empower you with the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to build a supportive work environment that promotes and supports the mental well-being of your employees.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Lead calm, confident, and effective conversations with employees so they feel supported and you have a healthy, functioning team

  • Feel confident in your role and how to establish boundaries so you don’t carry the burden of other people’s problems

  • Identify resources and mental health services and learn how to make a referral so you know employees are getting the full support they need

  • Practice your own self-care to maintain your personal wellbeing so you can lead by example

  • Learn how to implement longer-term interventions so that you can create a supportive and psychologically safe workplace environment within your organization

Here’s what’s inside:

In this seven-module course you will learn the  insights, tools and best practices you need to recognize and address the signs of low mental well-being within your team and effectively support and promote employee mental health and work productivity.

What you get when you invest in The Supportive Workplace program:

  • 7 learning modules that deliver all the knowledge and skills you’ll need to be a more confident and skilled leader, capable of supporting the mental health and wellbeing of your employees.

  • Interactive activities, videos, scripts, demonstrations, and quizzes to enhance your learning and give you the skills to implement best practices  in your workplace.

  • A downloadable course workbook containing key concepts from the course and application exercises to enhance your learning.

  • Full access to the course for 12 months .

  • All updates, improvements and additional resources added as long as you have access to the course.

  • Special discount offers on upcoming online courses offered by fseap.

Plus upon completing the modules and quizzes, you will also receive:

  1. A digital, printable Supportive Workplace certificate for framing or for your portfolio

  2. Recognized status as a Supportive Workplace Manager

What Others Are Saying

"The course gave me skills and confidence to have more in-depth conversations with my team - thank you!"

"The tools and scripts you provided helped me feel more ready and confident - I keep them at my desk."

"I wasn’t sure about what my role was as a manager - I now know how to intervene in a supportive way while still keeping my boundaries."

Brought to you by FSEAP - your partner in workplace mental health.

The Supportive Workplace was developed by a team of fseap’s top counsellors, mental health consultants, and learning design professionals. When it comes to supporting the mental health of employees in organizations across Canada, no one has more experience than fseap.

For over forty years we have been working with leaders, managers and employees just like you in diverse Canadian workplaces, helping them address their mental health concerns so that they can be their best at work, and at home. As a provider of employee and family assistance programs and workplace mental health programs and interventions, we understand the needs of managers and employees alike when it comes to mental health.

The Supportive Workplace program originated as an in-person workshop series - one of our highest rated programs - that has now been expanded and optimized for flexible, accessible, self-paced online learning. You now have access to our best proven models, strategies, and tools for supporting your team’s mental health, all included within The Supportive Workplace course.

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What Managers often ask before signing up...

  • Will the training be recognized by my employer?

    Yes. Simply share your Supportive Workplace Certificate of Completion and the course outline or workbook and they’ll easily understand and appreciate the value of the skills and knowledge you’ve received through the course.

  • Is the course content too ‘heavy’ or advanced for me?

    No. This course has been designed for managers just like you who do not have a background in mental health or counselling. We provide you with just the right level of foundational knowledge for you to have a good understanding of mental health issues and their impact on the workplace, and then all the skills and strategies you need to be a supportive workplace manager.

  • Do I really need to learn this? Can I simply send people to HR when they’re struggling?

    While getting advice and support from HR is always a wise and helpful move, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of your responsibility to, and your relationships with, the people you lead. You interact with your people each day, know the context of their work and workload, and have an established relationship - making you the best person to have a calm, caring, and confident conversation in support of their mental health and work performance.

  • Will I remember what I’ve learned once I’ve completed the course?

    We’ve designed the course to ensure you retain, and put into practice, the key principles and strategies you will learn. Beyond just videos, our modules also include interactive exercises (drag and drop, fill in the blank), practical exercises, graphics, charts and scripts (that you can save or print), a workbook to keep your new learning and insights accessible and close at hand, and quizzes to test your knowledge and embed your learning.

  • How long will the course take me?

    The course is made up of 7 modules that can be completed one after another over two or three days, or spread out over several weeks, depending on your learning style and schedule. Each modules’ content will take approximately an hour to watch/read/review, and there are application and practice exercises you’ll want to integrate into your interactions with your employees as the course progresses. We recommend taking at least one module per week to be sure you are building on your knowledge week to week. Of course, as you’ll have access to the course for a year, you can easily come back to review course content as needed throughout the year.

This course is perfect for you if you are a leader, manager or supervisor who wants to.…

  • Understand how employee mental health challenges are impacting your workplace (because they are!)

  • Become more confident in your knowledge of mental illness, mental health and how to reduce stigma in your workplace (be part of the solution)

  • Know how to approach an employee who you see struggling personally or at work (preventing awkward interactions)

  • Feel confident in having supportive conversations with employees about mental health and wellness (reduce your stress as you help those around you)

  • Get clear about what your role is (and isn’t) when talking to employees and colleagues about their mental health or work performance (no more depending on HR to deal with it)

  • Create a plan for creating a positive workplace culture and environment to increase employee engagement, wellbeing and productivity (with a focus on prevention and wellness)

  • And learn skills and techniques to maintain and improve your own mental health and resilience (because you can only help others if you’re well yourself)

  • Ultimately, this course is for you if you need your employees to be healthy, well, and doing their best work in whatever type of business or organization you manage. You want to be a leader who shows care - and confidence - when addressing your employees’ struggles and concerns - becoming the best supportive leader you can be.

What Others Are Saying

"The course gave me skills and confidence to have more in-depth conversations with my team - thank you!"

"The tools and scripts you provided helped me feel more ready and confident - I keep them at my desk."

"I wasn’t sure about what my role was as a manager - I now know how to intervene in a supportive way while still keeping my boundaries."